Automating Affiliate Marketing

It’s the dream we all have, and it’s the snake oil we’re all sold in the 100+ emails we all get every day from all the different lists we are on. Just Three Simple Steps or Your Answer to Set and Forget Success! And away we go, down the rabbit-funnel, chasing the dream, trying to contain our excitement, envisioning

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the new supercars we’ll be driving, all the while spending $17, then $67, then $47, then $197, then $397 to make sure we have everything we need to get the most out of this new automated dream come true!

But then what happens?

You know exactly what happens! You get the login details, login to the super platform and work for days trying to figure out how on earth the creator  did those videos and created the masterpiece they showed you in their video in under 30 seconds! You go through their hours of training, try to set this automated wizardry up yourself, and then find you have to get back to work making money at something that is going to WORK (or, you get distracted by the next email promising something that REALLY works!).

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So, is the automation dream in affiliate marketing really just a figment of the imagination?

 Yes, and no.

Automation is definitely NOT just a dream in affiliate marketing, but we also have to manage our expectations. Too many times what I hear is that people are wanting to set up a set and forget system that they can put in place and then walk away from, maybe check up on once in awhile, and watch the money start to show up in their bank account as this super system does its work. If you are waiting for or looking for that, my recommendation is to just go find a job.

Passive income in the affiliate marketing world takes a number of things to succeed. It takes diligence. It takes consistency. It takes practice, It takes refinement. It takes time. It involves failure. It involves improvement. It incorporates strategy. It involves analysis. It involves foresight. It is not “easy”. It may be simple, especially after you get your mojo going, but it is not easy. It takes work.

The biggest problem that affiliate marketers have is that they are always, and I do mean ALWAYS, looking at some greener grass over some virtual fence they drive by (or that pops into their Inbox). 


What I do mean? Stop what?

Stop buying the next greatest solution. Stop trying a new strategy. Stop quitting.

Find a strategy that works for you, that gets you in front of your target audience and that you can afford, and STICK WITH IT UNTIL IT IS WORKING.

You’re going to experience some failure. You’re going to experience some frustration. You’re going to question yourself. That is all normal. But don’t throw in the towel and change your strategy. Get some input from a mentor or mastermind group to improve upon what you are doing, and stick with it.

Once you fine tune your strategy here, guess what? You begin finding that things begin just “working”, even when you’re not. Sounds almost like automation!

Then, if you want to add another traffic strategy to the mix, now is the time to do it. Build upon what is already working, without giving up on what got you to this place.

Automation in affiliate marketing is definitely a dream that can become a reality, but the problem is that is has been poorly understood as to how to achieve it.

If you are frustrated with your affiliate marketing efforts, start with this free book that will help you see things much more clearly and understand not only what work is involved, but how to go about it.

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  1. I agree with you that finding the right strategy that aligns with your goals, connects you with your target audience, and also fits your budget is crucial, but sometimes when time is passing and we don’t see results we get frustrated, and It’s not just about implementing a strategy, but also about being consistent and persistent. Thank you for sharing, all the best.

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