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Online Marketing Tech Frustration

For Starters:

I’m moving my blog, and really my entire online business to a new platform where I can manage everything in one place. Now, don’t worry, I’ll let you know what it is as soon as I have fully tested it all, but for now, let me just say that I am pretty excited, as it look fantastical (I know, that’s not a real word, but who knows, with the way they do dictionaries these days, it just may be one by now!).

That said, I wanted to share a bit of the journey with you, because if you are at all interested in online marketing, or more specifically, making money online with affiliate marketing and other opportunities, then you undoubtedly come across some challenges from time to time, which can leave you a bit frustrated, to say the least!

online marketing tech frustration

Migrating My Domain

One part of the online world involves domain names. Now, if you are new to this, domain name is just a fancy name for the name you are typing in to go to a website, such as mywebsite.com or yahoo.com. So, when someone types in my blog site domain name (or more than likely, clicks on a link that takes them to my site), I want them to reach the site on my new server location, not the old one.

So, these are things I’m very familiar with since I’ve been in the online and tech arena for over 20 years, right? Piece of cake!

Yeah, famous last words.

Tech frustration (and really, any frustration) comes in when you have a certain EXPECTATION about something, and that expectation is not met or fulfilled.

Transferring a website and domain from one server to another is old hat for me, I’ve done it hundreds of times. So, last week, I got my things in order and prepared to hop on this and take care of the simple part so I could move on to the stuff I was really itching to do. The only part I did not take into full consideration was this little thing called “Cloudflare”, which is a platform to help you maintain better website uptime, better security, etc. This move involved bringing Cloudflare into the mix. I wasn’t worried about it, as I’ve got sites running through Cloudflare right now, but it’s been awhile since I added a new one there.

Here are the steps I had to take:

  1. Set up the domain in Cloudflare, which allows it to copy the DNS records from my existing server

  2. Update the Name Servers so they point to Cloudflare instead of my current Name Servers

  3. Migrate my website from the old server to the new server

  4. Add the domain name into my new server and then update a couple of DNS records so the site could be seen on the new server instead of the old one

Pretty simple and straightforward, and something that can be done within an hour.

Let’s just say that after several hours of increasing frustration, I changed the Name Servers back to the original settings and just kept my blog live on the old site! Now, I suppose I could have asked for help, but number one, I am male, and hey, well, you know. But second, and more importantly, I already KNOW what’s happening here, I’m just frustrated that it is happening to me right now! Before I tell you what it was, let me tell you what I did.

I waited.

In fact, not only did I wait, I put it out of my mind so I would REALLY wait.

I didn’t touch it for a week.

Then, today, I decided to go in and repeat remaining the steps I needed in order to see the site on the new server, and boom, within about 15 minutes, I was done, and now I’m writing this post on the new platform.

So, what was it? In our world of immediacy, there are certain things that still take time out there on the web. One of those is called Domain Name Propagation. Now, you can click the link for an in-depth explanation of that phrase, but here it is what it means in a nutshell. Also called “DNS Propagation”, it is the process of changes in the DNS infrastructure to be communicated to servers across the internet. So, if I change where my domain name lives (move to a new server with a new IP address), DNS Propagation means I need to give things 48-72 hours for those changes to be seen and recognized by other servers out there in the webosphere. Most of the time, I don’t really deal with this issue because I’m not really dealing with Cloudflare. But with that in the mix, I could not effectively “speed up” the DNS Propagation process, as that just doesn’t normally work with Cloudflare. Not as of yet, anyway.

So, after 72 hours (remember, I picked things back up a week later), the stuff I had done on Cloudflare was all good, and I could proceed, a happy man.

online marketing tech frustration

How About You?

What are some frustrations you’ve had with the tech side of online marketing? Comment below and let me know. And hey, feel free to subscribe or follow if you want to get more real tech tips on how to make this stuff work. I’ve been making money online for years, and would love to help you do the same.

43 thoughts on “No Need To Rush”

  1. Michael, It still amazes me when I catch myself trying to “Speed” things up when I have no control over the process. Many times I have retried and failed over and over when trying t push faster that the process would allow. Sometimes we just need to pause and take a breath… Let the process proceed as designed… then finish what we intended to. Most of the time we get in our own way… (I know I do)

    1. Michael Holt

      Yes, it is amazing indeed, David. You would think we would really learn from the last time, and while sometimes, if the “stove” is “hot” enough, we won’t reach back there again, but too many times, it is that repetition that finally gets it through our thick skulls!

  2. Michael, Fantastical indeed! You have so much talent and experience that to be honest I was shocked that you had these problems with cloud flare. It just shows that settings and technology can get any of us at any time. I’m so pleased it’s all worked out for you and it was really just a case of waiting. I’ve been lucky that these things have happened almost instantly and I haven’t had to wait more than a few minutes when updating. I guess for me starting when I have, I was able to start on the affiliate system and pretty much start from scratch because I didn’t have a blog before and I was able to just follow Dean exactly. Some of these IT settings can be very confusing, especially when we don’t understand what they are, but that’s why we’re so lucky. We’ve got Dean and the team to talk us through them. A great blog. Many thanks for your wise words. . Talk soon, Atif

  3. Hi, well done on getting through the mass of items that need to be done to migrate to a new platform… I am setting up stuff on a new platform, which should be easier than migrating, but…. even with excellent tutorials, just setting up a lead capture form took a week of getting it wrong and trying again… it should have been so easy.

    Thanks for making me feel that I am not alone in struggling at times.
    Tony recently posted…When the gods frown on youMy Profile

  4. Denny Medeiros

    Hey Michael,
    Two of the hardest things to face, tech issues and having to wait 🙂
    Actually I was surprised you had tech issues. I’ve been on your sight and seen our content and it’s amazing! I guess we’re never so developed that we can avoid tech issues.
    It’s awesome how patient you were in putting it out of your head for a week though!
    All the best moving ahead and look forward to your next post!
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…Building Relationship Through Email 👋My Profile

    1. Michael Holt

      Hey Denny, thanks for your comment. I cannot really lay claim to much patience, however, as the reality is that all the other stuff I have to focus on just pushed it out of my head! Then, a week later it was like – hey, I need to check things out again!

  5. Lauren Millman

    Michael, this was so helpful. Thanks for sharing. In a weird way, I found it comforting knowing that even the experts like yourself run into road blocks and frustrations just like us lay people. Thanks for the reminder that persistence (and staying calm) is key!

    1. Michael Holt

      You’re welcome, Laura, & thank you for visiting & commenting! I’ll try to make sure to share more frustrations, because in the tech arena, there is never any lack of them, that’s for sure!

  6. I’ve experienced LOADS of tech frustration over the years. Not so much now though, and that’s NOT because I’m so tech savvy or brilliant with setting things up. I do have some basic knowledge and experience, emphasizing basic, but that’s all.

    What has changed is that I don’t care if things don’t work out right away, or if I don’t understand something right away, or if I mess things up.

    It will all work out in the end! Maybe having achieved that mindset is one of the benefits of having lived for 62 years and making all kinds of mistakes along the way 🙂
    Katrin recently posted…Affiliate Marketing – What YOU need to knowMy Profile

    1. Michael Holt

      You’ve hit it, Katrin! Our level of concern (which relates to those expectations) determines our emotional investment & our responses (or better said, reactions!), and if we hold on loosely to things like this, we do indeed find that place of IAWOITE (and no, that is not Hawaiian).

  7. Martin Lefebvre

    Hey Michael,
    A common frustration I have is the one of not having the tools or the options to do the obvious thing. For example the free versions of many WordPress themes are very limited in what you have. Functionalities are just very basic when some are simply non-existent. One day I tried to make some fonts modifications on the mobile version of my website but I couldn’t without changing also the desktop version. This could be seen as minor but it’s annoying more often than not. Glad you finally solve your issue.

    1. Michael Holt

      Yep, been there, done that, Martin! Now, when I encounter that type of thing in a theme (I use Elementor with Hello them now predominantly, so I no longer experience that unless I did not build the site), I just end up creating two sections, one with the desktop version and the other with the mobile version, and make each look the way I want it, and then hiding the respective sections accordingly.

  8. The problem you had with Cloudflare made me laugh (sorry) as I had a similar experience in setting up my site, not specifically with Cloudflare but because I had experience in creating a site, I assumed I would breeze through, instead it did not flow as I had thought and after struggling for days and talking to every support, I was so frustrated, I abandoned it for a few weeks! I learnt a valuable lesson, don’t assume, don’t get too cocky with technology!! You have a lot of experience, so I will be visiting your blog again.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Clarity of PurposeMy Profile

    1. Michael Holt

      Hey, if that’s the way to get people to laugh at me, maybe I’ll find more situations I can be frustrated with and write about them too! I’ve no doubt there will be plenty more coming up, as the only thing that doesn’t change about technology is that it never stays the same!

  9. Jesse L. Nash

    Hi Michael Holt: I can understand your frustration around technical issues for building your online business. I’m not a technical person myself. I congratulate you working through it, because I am not that tech savvy, I have an assistant that helps me with the technical side of the business, and she even had problems with cloudfare and the DNS records.

    1. Michael Holt

      Hey Jesse, thanks so much! Tech issues can be fun at times. I usually actually enjoy them, except when I’m in a hurry or am working on something that I am very familiar with and it is not acting like it normally does!

  10. Sherri S Pulcino

    I enjoy the word “fantastical”! I totally get the urge to get things done pronto, like the swift action of changing your nameservers on Cloudflare. It’s funny how patience sometimes sneaks in when we least expect it. You might not have noticed it right then, but your patience turned out to be a lifesaver, sparing you from more frustration. I’ve been in a similar boat, tinkering with my WordPress settings, and, let me tell you, a bit of patience goes a long way as those settings do their thing.

  11. Michael
    I really admire the way you express yourself. The energy you put into mixing technology with humor and adding a few leaps here and there before circling back to the main idea is truly impressive. Your posts always provide valuable information and this one is a clear example of that. I wish you all the best in your journey.
    Ezequiel recently posted…Overcoming Barriers to Online Business OpportunitiesMy Profile

  12. Tech can indeed be frustrating but the good thing is that it usually just need to be done once in the beginning.

  13. One of my biggest tech frustrations is when I have to use a new website builder. In the last couple weeks, I’ve had to use two different web builders – Wix, and Classic Editor for WordPress (not nearly as easy as Divi for WordPress).

    It’s especially annoying when I know what I want to do but just can’t find the tool. I accomplished some of what I wanted, and with some things, I just had to accept that it was good enough and I just needed to be done.

    I still haven’t figured out why my WordPress template has not been applied to all my pages, but it doesn’t really matter at the moment, so I’m letting it ride for a while.

    1. Michael Holt

      Hey Nathan, yes, coming from a builder like Divi to the native builder is much like pushing oneself over the edge of a cliff.

      If you are in Affiliate System, you can still add Divi into the mix and build out your own thing.

      If you need anything, feel free to reach out.

  14. Anything even slightly technical usually has me frustrated, but I have found that in time everything always works for the best.
    The thought of moving my existing blog never entered my mind as I thought I would start as a complete newbie and just go with the flow.

    1. Michael Holt

      As you move along, little by little, you’ll begin laughing at the things that used to cause heartburn!

  15. Nakina Lawson

    I’ve had many tech “problems” because I decided to start an online business without a technical background.

    What helps me most is the idea that tech skills can be learned. I doubt sometimes if I can learn them, but I try to dive in anyway. I took a computer programming course in high school and had a terrible time. I saw other people make A’s but I could only scrape by with a C, and that was by staying after school every day. So, I do wonder if there’s something in me that just doesn’t get it.

    So far, I get help. I didn’t know how to set up an opt-in page with my AWeber account on my blog. I had trouble with DNS settings in the Affiliate System and building the form to give away my lead magnet… I could go on with quite a list.

    It’s hard to keep trying when I know I have no idea what I’m doing. With help, I’ve been able to make a lot of progress.

    It’s awesome that you can figure it out on your own. I would love some tips explained in a way I can make sense of the tech behind my business.
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…A Beginner’s Advantage – What Dean Holland Would Do If He Could Be a Beginner AgainMy Profile

    1. Michael Holt

      Best tip I have? Never give up! There are SOOOOO many tutorials available on just about anything you can imagine, and what I’ve found is that if one is not explaining it in a way I can grasp (for example, when I try and do the DIY thing on my car… 0_o…), there’s usually someone else out there who has done a better job.

      With tech stuff, some of the worst “tutorials” come from the tech owners themselves (Microsoft, Google, etc.). You can usually find more complete tutorials that someone else has done as a 3rd party.

      If you ever need tips or direction, feel free to reach out!

  16. Sarah Goulding

    Tech is the most frustrating part isn’t it? It’s a shame that we need it for affiliate marketing! The most annoying part is that we can’t ask it questions as such, it would be good if we could have a conversation with the computer to sort it out ha ha
    I really enjoyed reading your post, made me giggle thank you.
    Good luck!

  17. Sharel Siarkiewicz

    Hi Michael! Great post! From a beginner’s point of view, seeing more experienced marketers struggling with this takes the pressure off….albeit I didn’t have a site built big enough to bother migrating yet, I just shut it down. Tech issues I definitely can relate to! I’ve had many hiccups in the past months. Technology was supposed to make life easier wasn’t it? I envy that you are already making an income online, I am impatiently progressing through this hoping to one day accomplish as much. Your blog is clear evidence of your experience. Thanks for sharing your journey with this process, it’s a unique point of view and every bit of feedback makes navigating this maze easier! Have an amazing week!

    1. Michael Holt

      Yes, no need to migrate something that can just be rebuilt very easily!

      I’m glad that’s an encouragement to you, Sharel. One step at a time!

  18. I feel your pain.
    A year ago I would run away a mile if I heard about DNS and Cladflare and all that jargon. It was like a different language to me, but with great tutorials from our mentor, it all went smoothly.
    The good thing is, that most people would need to do it once, and soon when it’s set, it is ready to go.
    I am also very impatient but understand some processes need time. Frustration starts for me when I dedicate some time to a task and then I have an unexpected delay like you mentioned.
    Thank you for your step-by-step guide.

  19. Michael,
    Oh yes, the frustration is very real!! I know for a fact I would be totally lost, and would have most likely given up by now if it wasn’t for Dean and his wonderful team! I did manage to work through some issues today, and I have no doubt that the training I’ve received through Affiliate System is what helped me do so. We all just need to hang in there, and never give up!

  20. Kate Loving Shenk

    I had some mild panic migrating my blog into Affiliate System because— it wouldn’t migrate! I immediately asked for help and Chris came to my rescue. Too many files. It should be wrapped up tomorrow!!

    Frustrations with tech comes with the territory!

  21. Michael,

    In my 25+ years in I.T. I have yet to see a conversion go smoothly. In fact I was upgrading an enterprise online software just today. Yes you guess it. We ran into bugs and had to hustle to try and fix them before they interfered with the users experience.

    I am glad you where able to get the transfer all completed and working.

    Now it onward, upward to new heights.

    1. Michael Holt

      We’ve got the same experience in more ways than one! Length of time as well as the practical side of things!

  22. Acasha Klewe

    You know what they say about Newton’s Law…

    I went to school and got an IT degree with the full intent on being a network engineer… but it was when I got an internship working on a helpdesk helping folks troubleshoot their IT issues that I realized I have ZERO patience for technology not working the way its “supposed” to. Turns out I had zero passion for an IT career after all haha

    (I now work in Finance, go figure lol)

    I’m glad you were able to get it all sorted out.


    1. Michael Holt

      I’ve been on those support desks! In fact, when I first started, my mentor told me, “Go get a job doing phone support. You’ll find out if this is really for you!” That was about 25 years ago, so, I guess I passed that test. Now, finance on the other hand…

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